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Mortgage Calculator

How much can you afford?

Buying a home usually means obtaining a mortgage loan through a financial institution. You will find a useful mortgage calculator below that will give you the monthly payments that you could expect given your particular financing situation.

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Please fill out the information on the lower left or call us and we will provide you with the names of trusted mortgage professionals. Talk to them and find someone your are comfortable working with. They can provide a depth of knowledge, explain all of your financing options and get you the best rate!

Complete the top portion of the mortgage calculator with your purchase price, down payment and interest rate.   If you don't know your mortgage rate, use the mortgage rate quote calculator to get an estimate.   Please read our closing costs section of our Buyer's Guide.   We have put 25 year amortization as this is fairly standard.   If you'd like a shorter amortization period, insert the number of years you prefer.  We have pre-set a monthly payment, if you'd like to pay more often, use the drop down menu.  Please "calculate" once you have completed those boxes.

Mortgage Calculator

Purchase Amount: Down Payment:
Interest Rate: % Payment Interval:
Mortgage Term (Years)    
Closing Costs ($): Closing Costs (%):
Loan Amount:
Interest Rate:
Payment Interval:
Mortgage Term:
Total Payments:
Total Amount Paid:
Total Interest Paid:

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