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Realtors' Slo-Pitch Tournament in South Surrey, BC

Home Life Benchmark Titus Slo-Pitch DugoutThis year I decided to play in the Surrey realtors Slo-Pitch Tournament.   I play slo-pitch in a regular league and our season wraps up with a tournament in Cloverdale the second weekend of August.   So it had been over a month since I'd played and I had "itchy cleats" to run the bases one more time (or maybe just needed new cleats).   Our team was made up predominantly of realtors from the Homelife Benchmark Titus and Homelife Benchmark Cloverdale offices.   There was also a home inspector from Richmond and a realtor from Homelife North Vancouver, who joined the team (ringers, I hope).  The weather was confusingly sun and rain, so as realtors do, we huddled in the dugout and talked about South Surrey real estate trends.

We held a practice at Joe Brown Park in Panorama Ridge the night before the tournament.   Although the team roster had 25 people, there were only 9 at the practice (rain, rain go away).   It was a small group and a good opportunity to get to know the friends and family of the other Homelife Benchmark realtors. Given the park is walking distance from our home, my wife, Janet, and our dogs came to watch.  It was such a fun group and we were all able to have a quick beer after the practice and get to know each other a little more.    

Remax Coquitlam Sabres Slo-Pitch TeamThe tournament was to be held at Softball City in South Surrey on September 19.  On tournament day it was pouring rain and no time to allow for the sky of South Surrey to clear as our first game was a 9 am.  When we arrived, we faced off against a team from ReMax Coquitlam Sabres Realty, who were outfitted in brand new white shirts.  By the third inning, many of the Sabres looked like they'd rolled in mud (and some go-getters really did fall in the puddles).  They would need to use the "by" they had between games to visit a laudromat.   Really I'm just kidding, getting dirty is all part of the sport.   I was just hoping no one got hurt because it was wet and slick out there.   Most of the players were newbies to slo-pitch and didn't play enough to know how to avoid injury.   Despite the obstacles of the weather and mudball, we actually won 10-0.   Being soaked to the skin didn't dampen our team spirit.  Our Homelife group was so excited ... a big win for our ragtag, barely practiced team.   

Home Life Benchmark Titus South Surrey TeamI'm glad we relished our win, because our game against the ReMax Sabres was our one moment of glory. It was downhill from there.   Our next game we lost in a squeaker 9-8, but we were still optimistic.   Hey, we fought hard and only lost by one run.  Our skill set continued to go in the wrong direction.  Perhaps too much food and beer at lunch was our downfall, because we were taken down handily in our next game .... by ... wait for it, the Remax Coquitlam Sabres, the same team we had shut out first thing that morning.  Karma had played a bad blow to our team.   

Home Life Benchmark Titus Surrey Slo-PitchThe good news is that the sun broke though the clouds in the early afternoon (good old South Surrey weather).   It was right about the time the sun came out that we were being polished off in our final game. When I say "polished off", I mean, done for, kaput, relegated to the bleachers.  These tournaments are all about having fun and meetng people and that we did. So Janet and I and the rest of the Homelife team soaked up one of the last days of summer watching The Remax Treeland Team (the Treelanders) win the tournament.   Apparently, they win every year - sigh.   Congratulations, but watch out for Homelife Benchmark  team next year.   We'll be back!


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