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Buying a New Fridge During Black Friday Weekend?   Home Depot's radio advertising today offered significant discounts on new fridges.   I'm sure there are great deals all over town. 


The downside of buying a new fridge is getting rid of the old one --- suddenly it's like an albatross.   If your old refridgator is not saleable, remember to visit the Recycling Council of British Columbia.   There is also a recycling hotline you can call at 1-800-667-4321.


If you can put off your new fridge purchase until Spring 2014, then BC Hydro's Fridge Buy-Back program will be back in operation.    This is a great program that BC Hydro has in place as an incentive to get rid of old energy sucking fridges.   Not only will they pick up your old operational fridge, they will recycle it, AND send you a cheque for $30.


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