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Friends to Lead, Friends in "Deed"


Ellen DeGeneres Real Estate Listing Humour The weekend is supposed to be so cold and maybe, if we are lucky, it will get above freezing.   I thought a laugh may warm us all up.   Both Janet and I are Ellen DeGeneres fans although we don't get to watch her show as often as we like.   Ellen often does segments on funny real estate listings.   It aired four years ago, so we watched it again.  It was just as funny today as the first time around.  Ellen just has such great expressions.

If you enjoy real estate humour (and given I'm in the business, I do), please watch this segment from the Ellen DeGeneres Show.


Mike Alleyne
Homelife Benchmark Realty, Surrey

Friends to Lead, Friends in "Deed"

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Happy new year everyone!


I hope everyone had a good holiday season and all the best for 2014.   



Be at war with your vices; at peace with

your neighbours, and let every new year

find you a better person.

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 It was a beautiful evening in Surrey and instead of being outdoors, as we should have, my wife and I decided to watch the Clio Advertising Awards we had PVR’d.  These awards are the best of the best from around the world showing incredible creativity in advertising.

I think the reason this one was so funny to us is that one of our children thought he was Buzz Lightyear for a short time.  We heard “to infinity and beyond” and “buzz buzz” throughout the house.   The next phase was Batman and this phase has not ended.    He leaped from couch to couch (I shouldn’t admit that) with a long black cape.    Auntie Maria even made him a black terry towel cape with a bat symbol as he refused to take off his cape for his baths.   He's 18 years old now, the cape is gone, but he still loves the Batman.  

This commercial is call “The Force”

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