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Are you affected by the moon? Get a little crazy? If so, go to bed early and pull the covers over your head.


Not me, I love living in South Surrey with all the quiet and beauty that the community and nature has to offer including the hiding spots to enjoy the big skies.

If you enjoy the night skies and the majesty of the moon, tonight will be exceptional because of a supermoon. Did you take in the White Rock moon festival this weekend? If not, you still have your chance because tonight is super special in lunar history. To emphasize the uniqueness of tonight, the last supermoon eclipse happened in 1982 and after tonight, the next one will not happen until 2033.

As southern BC residents, I know your next question. What about the cloud cover?  No worries, the skies over White Rock and South Surrey are predicted to be clear. Timing is delicate because as the moon rises at 6:57 pm through the setting sun. The eclipse will start just 14 minutes later at 7:11 pm. The most spectacular time will be from 7:47 pm to 8:23 pm.

If you live in the Delta, Surrey or White Rock area, I recommend that you plan your evening to capture the maximum experience. It would be well worth it to pack up the family and head to either Centenial Beach in Tsawwassen or Pt. Roberts, Washington (if you have a passport). The view east across the bay is bound to be spectacular.  Other excellent locations are where there is not too much city lights and a clear view to the east. Mud Bay Park in Surrey would work nicely. Also, Blackie Spit area of Crescent Beach would be a great viewing area. The White Rock pier is well lit, but would still provide a beautiful view across the bay. The pier would be particularly special because of the lanterns hanging on the pier remaining from the moon festival.

Have fun and get moon struck!

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The kids will soon be off for the holiday season and parents will be looking for interesting activities to keep their children occupied while they anxiously await Santa.  How about a Christmas season visit to Finn Slough? 

Just upriver from Steveston, BC is the last working commercial fishing village on the Fraser River, Finn Slough (pronounced 'slew'). The slough is aptly named as it was originally settled in the 1880's by Finnish fishermen.    It's not an official tourist destination but because it is unique and picturesque it's become of local interest to day trippers.  
Finn Slough Old TruckThe original Finnish families and their ancestors continuously lived at the slough for over 90 years but in approximately 1970 the familes started to disperse to local communities, many living within a few kilometres of their Finn Slough roots.  Non-Finnish fisherman and people who appreciate the community's uniqueness and historic significance have taken their place.   
Although the community was once as large as 50 homes, now only 18 homes remain.  Surprisingly, Finn Slough  has no official community status and its residents have no land tenure.   
Finn Slough is a great stop in a day outing.  It's a wonderful story of early settlers, the lifeblood of the river and of a historic community living in harmony with nature.  

Finn Slough Bike SignTo get to Finn Slough head south on either No. 4 Road or No. 5 Road in Richmond.   Once you reach Dyke Road at the end, turn right and follow the river on Dyke Road until you reach, Finn Slough.   I have included a map below.   Remember these are people's homes, so be respectful, stay on boardwalks and do not go on private properties. Please watch your step as some of the walkways are slippery.  Enjoy and stay safe in the holiday season!

Mike Alleyne
Homelife Benchmark Realty, Surrey

Friends to Lead, Friends in "Deed"

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I admit I do most of my dog walking in Joe Brown Park in Surrey.    But I do like to mix it up a bit and recently have been loading my two dog pals in the car and rambling over to Watershed Park on the Surrey Delta border.   


My first memory of this park many moons ago was seeing cars lined up to fill their water jugs at the freshwater spout that used to be on 64th.   My first actual entry into this park was taking my youngest son there for an overnight camp for cub scouts.     Jeez, I think this was in 2003, time flies.   All the neighbourhood kids from the Scout troop that ran out of Colebrook United Church were there.    Deep in the park is an official Scout camp, a little opening in the forest that allows campers to create an outpost of sorts.    Dr. Steve Larigakis, who many of you may know, was our cub leader.   Dr. Larigakis has always done so much for the community, and not only in healthcare.  The kids really appreciated their Watershed moments.   Thanks for this Steve!


There are two main accesses to Delta’s Watershed Park that I know of.   There is one on 64th Avenue, west of Scott Road.   There is a free little parking area on 64th.   There are always places to park.  There is another access just off Highway 10, on the other side of the highway from the Delta Golf course    You have to take the first exit to the right heading west on Highway 10 after Scott Road.  You will usually see cars just parked on the side of the road. 


Dog walkers, hikers, horseback riders and mountain bikers frequent the park, so you have to share.   It’s most peaceful and beautiful in the morning.  If you access the park early in the day, you will usually have the park to yourself.   The horseback riders and mountain bikers are usually there in the middle of the day or early evening.   Given the lush landscape, there are many strikingly beautiful and lush areas (i.e., mosquitos - make sure that you bring bug spray, particularly in evening).


If you get a chance, make time to watch the mountain bikers.    It is pretty entertaining to watch these talented athletes honing their skills.    Remember if you see or hear a cyclist, please just step aside, as it’s easier for you than for them, and I have always found them to be appreciative.   I found this youtube video of a cyclist in the park    There are no jumps or fancy stuff in this video, it just shows how beautiful the park is to ride in.  


There are so many trails in the park that you rarely run into others except at the trailhead and some of the popular mountain biker areas.     There is a map at    By just having a little study of this map I realize I have barely scratched the surface of all this park has to offer.    I admittedly usually always take the same pathways.    I’m going to be a bit more adventuresome in the next few months and will take pictures, and maybe a video.     This park is one of the many benefits to living in Delta or Surrey.     I’ll report back in a future blog.

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